What is a gravity die casting machine?

PINO’s automated tilting gravity die casting machine can customize the equipment you want according to your gravity die casting parameters.

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Leon Ling

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Gravity die casting machine generally refers to the gravity die casting machine is a machine produced according to the principle of gravity casting in which molten metal is injected into the mold under the action of gravity. Simply put, it is a machine that uses the gravity casting process to produce gravity casting products. Gravity casting refers to the process of pouring liquid metal into a metal cavity under the action of the gravity of the earth to obtain a gradual process. There are generally two types of gravity casting machines, inclined gravity casting machines and fixed gravity casting machines. The tilting gravity casting machine can realize the tilting pouring of the mold, which can effectively improve the quality of castings.

Gravity Die Casting machine

1. Advantages of gravity die casting machine

Gravity die casting machine The castings produced by the gravity die casting machine have high precision, beautiful appearance and high yield, and the machine configuration greatly reduces labor costs.

  • 1.1 There are few pores inside the casting, and the front end of the product can be greatly improved after heat treatment.
  • 1.2 The product has low density and is formed by the weight of the liquid. Low-pressure casting machine products are less dense than die-casting products, and their strength is also slightly worse, but their elongation is higher.
  • 1.3 The surface finish of the product is not high, and the surface of the casting is easy to form pits similar to shot blasting after cooling and shrinkage.
  • 1.4 The filling speed is slow and the production efficiency is low.
  • 1.5 The life of the mold is longer than that of the die-casting mold, and the cost of the mold is low

2. What is the difference between gravity die casting machine and pressure casting machine?

These two machines are completely different. In fact, there is no such thing as a gravity die-casting machine, there are only two types of machines: gravity die casting machine and die-casting machine. These two machines are completely different.

2.1 The casting principle adopted by the gravity casting machine is the gravity casting principle, which is a casting process that relies on the gravity of the earth to make the molten aluminum flow into the mold. There is also the centrifugal casting process, which also belongs to the scope of gravity casting. PINO casting machine has been focusing on gravity casting production for 15 years. Gravity casting machine is usually used in the production of parts with complex internal shapes.

2.2 The die-casting machine adopts the principle of pressure casting, such as the injection rod, the aluminum liquid is poured into the injection chamber, and the pressure is formed by the linear movement of the injection rod and the injection head to force the aluminum liquid to fill into the mold. Die casting is generally used in parts with complex shapes but simple interiors (such as gear boxes, etc.).

3. How to control the production cost of gravity casting mould?

We know that the production cost of gravity casting molds is high, because most of them are made of metal materials. A pair of metal molds can be cast hundreds or even tens of thousands of times. Gravity casting molds are usually customized according to the product. After the casting is produced, the mold is equivalent to being discarded. How do we control the production cost of gravity casting molds?

3.1 The production of gravity casting molds is the production of large quantities of castings. On the one hand, a gravity casting mold processes a large number of castings, casting hundreds or even tens of thousands of times, so the cost of gravity casting molds will be shared to each Castings, the production cost of castings is greatly reduced.

3.2 Produced by gravity casting mold, the thermal conductivity and heat capacity of the metal mold are large, the cooling speed of the casting is fast, the stability and yield rate are high, the dimensional accuracy is high, and the surface roughness value is low, which reduces the recasting of the casting in some aspects Rate.

4. How to choose a gravity die casting machine?

Gravity die casting machines are needed in the production process of many products, especially for products with large batches and small castings, which require mechanical properties. How to choose a gravity die casting machine mainly from the following three aspects:

4.1 When choosing a gravity die casting machine and a gravity die casting machine manufacturer, first look at the performance of the gravity casting machine. Generally, a good gravity casting machine only takes two minutes to produce a rough product when producing castings. Larger products are also 3-10 minutes.

4.2 Many gravity die casting machines now have the feature of tilting and turning, because the turning gravity casting machine has wider applicability, and the tilting gravity casting machine is better when choosing.

4.3 It is to look at the qualifications of the manufacturer, the factory building, and the professionalism of the engineer when choosing, and then make a specific evaluation. It would be better if you can go to the manufacturer’s site for inspection.

The castings produced by the gravity casting machine are widely used. It can produce castings in many fields such as automobiles, motors, hardware, communication base station parts, automobile industry, furniture, valve bodies, water pipes, etc.

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