4 Reasons for Cracks in Castings Produced by gravity die casting machines

PINO’s automated tilting gravity die casting machine can customize the equipment you want according to your gravity die casting parameters.

Leon Ling

Leon Ling

Global Marketing Manager for PINO Machinery

During the production process of many gravity die casting machines, it is found that the die-cast parts will have cracks.
Once cracks occur, the die-cast parts are useless, so we have to make preparations before the gravity die casting machines starts production, so as to avoid delays and waste of costs. So today we will talk about why gravity casting die-casting parts have cracks?

The main reasons for the cracks in the castings produced by the gravity die casting machines are the following four reasons:

When the gravity die casting machines is producing castings, due to the obstruction or restriction of the gravity casting mold or the structure of the casting product itself, the casting product may form shrinkage cracks or cracks when it shrinks.

During the operation of the gravity die casting machines, when the molten metal solidifies and shrinks in volume during casting, when it encounters the inner cavity sand core or the expanded sand core, it will also cause cracks in the produced casting products.

The uneven structural composition of the molten metal used in casting production will also lead to uneven stress and cracks.

The mold temperature of the gravity casting machine in casting is not suitable, and the cooling and molding of the casting is too fast, which will also cause cracks in the casting.

In order to solve the problem of cracks in castings produced by gravity casting machines, it is necessary to solve them according to the causes of cracks in castings, and reduce the resistance and force received when the molten metal shrinks. Knowing these four reasons, as long as we pay attention during the production process, we can definitely avoid them.

Castings produced by PINO gravity die casting machines are widely used in many industries because of their good performance. We will adjust the equipment to the optimal state according to the customer’s product, and it can be used directly.

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