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We are committed to improving the efficiency and stability of gravity casting machining. Improve the safety of the production process, as well as the quality of castings.

pino gravity die casting machine

PINO Machine history

PINO is the earliest manufacturers of gravity casting machines in China. The brand has a history of nearly 40 years and was established in 1978 in Changhua, Taiwan. 1999, after development, it officially built a factory in Xiamen, China, and passed ISO9001 certification, and then established the PINO Machinery Division. After years of development, we have become an advanced gravity casting machine company, providing facilities, molds, technology and other services.

In order to meet the different needs of our customers, we apply the drawings as well as technology from our headquarters in Taiwan. We have hired a large number of excellent workers to develop professional gravity casting machines, sand core machines, electric furnaces, and debugging machines. And we provide a series of services from the design, CNC machining, assembly and commissioning of 3D casting system of casting body to sand core mould and casting mould.

Our equipment types

We specialize in gravity casting solutions and provide gravity die casting machines, sand core machines and electric furnaces.

Gravity die Casting Machine​

With years of experience, we continuously upgrade the accessories of gravity die casting machine, making the current machine the most stable.​

sand core machine

The automatic sand core machine is a special product for vacuum aluminum and copper castings. Castings are poured with high precision.

electric furnace

The electric melting furnace has fast heating speed, good temperature uniformity, energy saving and environmental protection.

PINO brand advantage - gravity die casting machine manufacturers

A long-established gravity die casting machine supplier brand comes from the recognition and trust of customers

Gravity casting machine practice base

PINO is a teaching practice base and an industry-university-research cooperation base of Xiamen University of Technology.

1.Founded in Taiwan in 1978, the equipment manufacturing drawings and processes are all from Taiwan, with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing brass gravity casting machines. After market precipitation and understanding of various casting workpiece problems, the quality is stable. The equipment we produced in 1999 is still in use by customers.
2.The earliest gravity casting machine brand in China leads the continuous development of China’s casting machines. In 1999, our equipment has been exported to Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries.
3.The quality is guaranteed, our equipment and IMR can share the mold plate.
4.PINO has been immersed in the field of gravity casting machines for a long time, our engineers are experienced and can design the equipment according to your casting requirements.
5. No language barrier, multi-language operating system, safety pedals, to ensure the safety of workers.
6.1 year warranty, PINO can send technicians to the factory for technical guidance such as installation and use.

PINO is also a famous trademark in Fujian Province, China


Let PINO Improve Your Gravity Die Casting Efficiency!​

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