Electric furnace

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Electric Furnace

Power Frequency Continuous Electric Furnace

The power frequency continuous electric furnace is a frequency conversion device that converts the three-phase power frequency current into a single-phase intermediate frequency current. It is used for smelting, heating and heat preservation of black or non-ferrous metals and alloy materials such as steel, copper and aluminum. Mainly used in metal casting, steelmaking industry. The power frequency continuous electric furnace adopts Siemens touch screen PLC, the capacity is 1000-1500kg, and the power is 90-130kw.

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PLC automatic remote control

The power frequency continuous electric furnace can realize automatic remote control, and also includes PLC programmable controller, HMI man-machine interface or industrial control computer system, industrial control configuration software and various sensors. It can realize automatic operations such as automatic constant temperature, automatic oven, and anti-penetration alarm, which is safer and more convenient to use!

Power Frequency Continuous

The equipment utilization rate reaches 100%

Only by adjusting the power knob (or digital operation screen), the total power of the intermediate frequency power supply can be arbitrarily distributed and used between the two furnace bodies, so that one furnace body can melt the other furnace. body heat preservation effect. It can realize one-time casting of large castings or continuously supply molten iron to the production line. The continuous and uninterrupted smelting mode greatly improves the production capacity, saves energy and is practical, and is well received and loved by customers.

On-site smelting control system

All-round real-time tracking protection for the equipment in operation. When detecting abnormal value information such as load short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, insufficient water pressure, and high water temperature, it will be fed back to the control system in time to realize automatic shutdown protection and prevent suffering from Not yet. In addition, if the thyristor, compensation capacitor, voltage transformer and other components are damaged, it will automatically stop and light up the corresponding indicator.

Power Frequency Continuous process

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The overall layout should be as small as possible under the premise of ensuring the reasonable operation of workers, so as to shorten the overall connection line, thereby reducing heat and electricity.
The material used in the smelting furnace should be as large as possible to ensure smooth movement of the current in case the copper bars are too small to heat up and then take away some of the electricity.

Since the sintered layer of the new furnace is thinner, the process of using the new furnace is very important. When disassembling a new furnace, try to avoid strong impact on the bottom and walls of the furnace, and avoid cracking or cracking of the furnace under strong impact. Therefore, in order to obtain the service life of the blast furnace, early furnace technology is required.

Frequently clean the dust in the machine room, the power cabinet and the copper bars connected to the induction coil to prevent the insulation from being lowered and failures. Frequently check whether the water flow and water pressure of each cooling water channel are normal. Regularly tighten the connecting bolts and nuts of each component to prevent bad contact from burning the components. Regularly maintain the pumping motor of the water cooling system and the motor of the hydraulic station, clean the hydraulic oil, and ensure the normal water supply and oil supply of the equipment. Regularly check the rated voltage and current of the equipment to prevent the protection circuit from malfunctioning. Regular, correct and careful maintenance is an important guarantee for extending the service life of the intermediate frequency furnace and ensuring safety.

Optimize and adjust the angle of the oxygen lance to avoid the direct effect of oxygen blowing on the electrode; optimize the use process of the oxygen lance and adjust the larger oxygen flow of the oxygen lance. The reasons for the fracture of electric furnace electrodes are divided into mechanical failure and electrical phase control.
Mechanical failure control is as follows: reasonable distribution. The distribution of various steels in the basket is reasonable to prevent the thin and light steel from forming a ball on the top of the furnace, which is difficult to go down, thus forming a large piece of scrap steel and shattering the pole; when melting, pay attention to the distribution of unmelted materials. For the generated bridge structure, by blowing oxygen or physically swinging, the charge will collapse at the position where the electrode is raised to avoid electrode fracture; the electrode installation should be reasonable and standardized to ensure stable clamping and installation; the electrode connection position is correct, and the electrode holder should be Above the connection location, and should not be caught on openings or rings.

It is especially suitable for aluminum, copper, die casting, heat treatment quenching, annealing, metal diathermy forging, extrusion forming, solder welding, etc.

Induction furnace high-frequency current flows to the heating coil (usually made of red copper tube) wound into a ring or other shape. As a result, a strong magnetic flux with an instantaneous polarity change is generated in the coil. When a heating object such as metal is placed in the coil, the magnetic beam will penetrate the entire heating object and will generate the inside of the heating object in the opposite direction to the heating current. corresponding large eddy currents. Due to the resistance of the heated object, a large amount of Joule heat will be generated, which will cause the temperature of the object to rise rapidly, thereby achieving the purpose of heating all metal materials.

Induction furnace induction heating equipment is mainly used for heating before forging, stamping, extrusion, rolling and other hot processing of metal materials. It brings the entire workpiece to the desired temperature for internal and external processes. Intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment is mainly composed of power supply (usually intermediate frequency or industrial frequency), heating control equipment, induction furnace and feeding and discharging mechanism.

Induction heating has many advantages over other heating methods. First, because the induction furnace generates heat inside the heated material, the heating rate can be increased very high, and at the same heating time, the radial temperature difference is relatively small, so the heated workpiece does not deform significantly. Metal smelting furnaces too.

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