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Find high performance, high quality, stable operation gravity die casting machine, sand core machine for your die casting plant. Customize suitable gravity casting equipment for your aluminum castings, aluminum alloy castings and copper castings.

You may not know how to customize our gravity casting machines. You will need to provide a general description of your casting such as material, length, width and shape.
In addition, you can also send us the drawings of your castings, and we will keep them confidential. Knowing the specific specifications of the castings, we can also recommend suitable machines for you. It should be noted that the quality of our gravity die casting machine is the same as that of IMR, and the mold plate is also universal, which can be directly installed and used, and all our equipment has passed CE certification.

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PINO’s gravity casting machine has a very good reputation in the world, and we sincerely invite agents from all over the world. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We are excited to share the benefits of gravity casting engineering with you.

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