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The tilting gravity die casting machine that can be applied to aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper and other materials can run stably in your factory and bring more profits to your foundry.

gravity die casting machine manufacturer

The PINO gravity die casting machine brand was born in Taiwan in 1978. With Taiwan’s machinery manufacturing quality, it quickly occupied the global market.

PINO brand not only provides gravity die casting machines, as an established gravity die casting machine manufacturer, we provide gravity casting solutions and technical services, including sand core machine, electric furnace.

PINO is a 40-year-old Gravity Die Casting Machine Manufacturer​. The company integrates design, production, R&D, customization and sales. It continues to innovate gravity casting equipment products and strict production management. It has passed the gravity casting equipment industry. Continuously increase investment in research and development to promote the development of the company, provide customers with casting solutions of international standard quality level, enjoy a good reputation among customers, and are deeply recognized and trusted by customers at home and abroad.

Let us help you improve the quality and efficiency of gravity casting.


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PINO Gravity Casting Machine Advantages

The parallelism of equipment and products is high, the hydraulic system is more stable, and the gravity die casting machine manufacturer has 40 years of experience.


Automated Operating System

Using Siemens PLC programmable controller, no contact proximity switch is required.

High Casting Accuracy​

Steel mold casting, high precision, not easy to deform, to ensure the smoothness of the casting​.

Tilting Operation​

The tilting angle can be set arbitrarily within the range of 0°-90°. It is convenient for operators to add materials and take parts.

High Yield

Mechanized production reduces waste caused by human factors, and the yield is relatively high.

High Configuration

Frequency conversion tilting can be realized according to user requirements, using man-machine interface, menu input.

40 years of history

Balanced operation, no noise, surface high-frequency quenching treatment, good wear resistance.

Gravity Die Casting Machine & Sand Core Machine Series​

PINO’s gravity die casting machine manufacturer can recommend suitable machines according to your die casting material, mold size, and design difficulty.


PN2B650 gravity die casting machine

PN2B650 series gravity casting equipment can die-cast aluminum castings and aluminum alloy castings of various shapes and sizes. According to the size of the casting and the size of the mold, we will recommend suitable equipment for you. Mainly used in automotive castings, valve parts, Compressor Parts, engine cylinder heads, wheels and rims, electrical accessories and connectors, mounting parts and brackets, etc.

PN2B03B series and PN2B360 series gravity casting machines are suitable for copper, copper alloys. Safety pedal, tiltable die-casting meets the comfort and safety of the equipment. Mainly used in non-ferrous metal castings such as electrical parts, engine oil engine parts, bathroom fittings and accessories, brass decorative hardware, intake and exhaust manifolds, water meters and valves, door handles and door hardware.

PN1A02S series automatic sand core machine is controlled by PLC, and the operation mode can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. A choice of dry or wet cores is available in a multi-cavity core box. The sand cores produced are characterized by precise dimensions and smooth surfaces. The fully automatic core shooting machine takes very little time to core, is relatively efficient, and can shoot sand cores of any complexity.

Electric Melting Furnace Series Can be used for melting brass , copper & material. The equipment is controlled by LIYAN (Taiwan) PLC, the capacity is 500-1500kg, and the cooling method is air cooling. The equipment is easy to operate and can automatically control the temperature. The electric melting furnace is efficient and energy-saving, durable and perfect after-sales, which is highly praised by the majority of users.

Why choose PINO

The manufacturing technology of the PINO Gravity Die Casting Machine Manufacturer and sand core machine is mature and the quality is stable. Because the brand has a long history, we have continuously optimized the equipment, and the stability of the equipment is very high.


aluminum gravity die casting machine

1.Quality Certification

The gravity die casting machine will be continuously debugged before leaving the factory, and it can also be tested on site. Our equipment is CE certified.

2.Technical Support

In addition to the instructions, on-site installation and maintenance as well as remote videos for technical assistance and training are available upon request.

3.Warranty and Spare Parts Kit

We offer a 1 year warranty on our gravity casting machines. In order to ensure the production of customers, we have sufficient preparations on the spare parts kit.

What Clients Say

Our factory is doing aluminum die casting. We bought PINO's gravity casting machine and sand core machine 10 years ago, and the quality is still stable. It's still running.
John Allison
CEO of Manufacture Company
We do the main body of the faucet and the copper accessories. All the gravity casting equipment and sand core machines in our factory use PINO.
Alicia Potter
Graphic Designer
I bought 2 gravity casting machines in 1999, and only now have I replaced a consumable part, the machines are still running, the quality is great, and they are very durable.
Edward B. Suarez
Song Writer

About the company

PINO is a company specializing in casting equipment for 40 years: integrating design, production, research and development, customization and sales. The company’s main products are: gravity die casting machines, core shooters, sand boxes, casing boxes, gravity casting molds, sand casting molds, casting molds and aluminum alloy gravity die casting products, etc. 

As a professional gravity casting solution provider, PINO provides customers with the equipment and accessories needed for the whole plant, and is responsible for installation, commissioning, training and on-site guidance for technical workers; at the same time, it can also design and manufacture individually according to the different needs of customers for different products , to provide customers with good quality products.

Through continuous product innovation and strict production management, we will continue to increase R&D investment in the casting equipment industry to promote the company’s development and provide customers with casting solutions. As a gravity die casting machine manufacturer with 40 years of experience, PINO has always enjoyed a good reputation among customers with the international standard quality of casting equipment, and is deeply recognized and trusted by customers at home and abroad.

Gravity casting vehicle wheels
Gravity casting engine parts
Gravity casting auto parts
Gravity casters mechanical parts
Copper water meter gravity casting
Valve fittings gravity casting
Gravity casting of copper fittings
Gravity casting of copper fittings
Gravity casting of aluminum parts

Gravity die Casting Components

PINO Gravity Die Casting Machine Manufacturer have a wide range of industrial uses and have proven to be excellent equipment for the manufacture of aluminium / aluminium alloys / copper materials.
With the continuous precipitation of the market, the failure rate of our equipment is almost 0. The tiltable gravity casting machine is also the best choice for foundries. On the left, we see some representative products of our gravity casting equipment, which are mainly used in Automobile Parts, Electrical Parts, Valve Parts, Oil Engine Parts, Compressor Parts, Bathroom Fittings and Accessories.

40 years of technology accumulation

The PINO Gravity Die Casting Machine Manufacturer​ has passed the CE certification, and the size of the die plate is the same as that of the IMR. It can be directly installed and used without modification.


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