PINO Machines

PINO is a gravity casting solution provider. We provide electric furnace equipment, sand core machines, and gravity die casting machines. The electric melting furnace is used for the form transformation of metal materials, which can be die-cast into various shapes after becoming liquid. The sand core machine is used to make complex parts, such as some parts that are hollow inside. We have several series of gravity casting machines to choose from.

Our advantage

Strength manufacturers

The PINO brand has a history of 40 years, focusing on the production and development of gravity casting equipment.
The company has a production base of 4000 square meters
Passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system
Passed ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health System
All machines have passed CE certification

Taiwan technology

The PINO brand was first established in Taiwan in 1978, and passed the ISO9001 international quality standard system certification in December 1999.
Entered China in 1997 and established a factory in Xiamen. It is one of the earliest companies in the world to produce, design and manufacture gravity equipment. So far, the PINO brand has undergone the baptism of history. Our equipment is innovative, durable and mature in technology.

Technical strength

The company has 30 years of technical engineers leading research and development and technological breakthroughs. In 1999, PINO gravity casting machines and sand core machines were exported to Turkey, Brazil and other countries, and customized equipment for 1,288 companies around the world. It is a provider of gravity processing solutions for aluminum alloys, copper and other metal materials.

After-sales service

We have professional technical engineers. After you buy our equipment, we can go to your factory to install the service, but you need to pay the travel expenses. And provide machine use training for your employees.
We will also provide services for subsequent machine update accessories, etc., and provide you with equipment upgrades and accessories at any time.

Need a gravity casting process? Welcome to inquire about our machines

Customized machine Process

The process of customizing the overall gravity casting solution:

  • Provide a drawing of the part you want to gravity die cast, and a picture of the material or blank size you want to make, and the type of finishing casting solution equipment you want to buy
  • We will recommend suitable gravity casting machines, core shooters and electric furnaces for you
  • Quickly provide you with a complete quotation
  • Discuss machine details, our equipment can be customized according to your requirements
  • Production machine after confirmation
  • Packing and shipping
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