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The sand core machine is to inject the core sand mixture with solid or liquid thermal resin as the binder into the heated core box, and the sand core is preheated in the core box and hardened to a certain thickness quickly, and then the core sand is It is removed, and a high-quality sand core with a smooth surface and precise dimensions is formed.

The sand core machine is the most widely used in the foundry industry, and the core made by the sand core machine is accurate in size and smooth in surface.

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sand core machine Production

The working process of the hot core box sand core machine is completed at the same time as sand filling and compaction, and it is hardened in the hot core box to produce the sand core for casting.

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Sand core making

The sand core that can be set has accurate size and smooth surface, which can reduce the machining allowance of castings.Can save a lot of auxiliary equipment and tools for core making.

Automatic sand core machine

The operation is flexible and light, electric heating is adopted, the temperature can be automatically controlled, and the floor is easy to keep clean, creating conditions for the automation of the core making process.

Sand core machine application

What are sand cores used for?

Sand core is a material used to make cores in foundry production. It is made up of foundry sand, sand binders and auxiliary additives mixed in a certain proportion. The function of the sand core is to form the inner cavity of the casting, and it can also form the local shape of the casting. Sand cores require high strength, fire resistance, air permeability and toughness, and easy cleaning
Sand cores are mainly used to form inner holes and cavities of castings. Some shape parts that hinder the mold release and are not easy to produce sand can be formed by sand cores. The working conditions of the sand core are relatively poor, so the requirements for the sand core:

sand core

How is the sand core used in the sand core machine made?

sand core

The sand core is mainly used to form the inner cavity, holes, pits and other parts of the casting.

Vegetable oil sand

Dry oil and semi dry oil close to the dry oil are used for vegetable oil sand adhesionBinder.

synthetic fat binder

this is the abbreviation of the distillation residue of synthetic fatty acid.

Aliphatic sand

Drying moisture of fatty sand The temperature range is wider than that of oil sand

Shell core

It can be used not only for modeling, but also for manufacturing shell core.

Tipping bucket method and sand blowing method

Phenol is used in this method Formaldehyde resin is used as the binder, and the mold (core) sand prepared is called coated sand, which is as loose as dry sand.

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According to the die-casting product you want, we can recommend suitable sand core machine. Our sand core machine can choose two kinds of sand state, dry state and wet state, coated resin sand. The sand core design of the sand core machine includes: determining the number of sand cores, the shape and size of each sand core; the number, shape and size of the core heads; Wait.

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