Do you know about the heat treatment of aluminum alloy gravity die casting machine castings?

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Leon Ling

Leon Ling

Global Marketing Manager for PINO Machinery

After the aluminum alloy gravity casting machine castings are produced, heat treatment may be required, because only after heat treatment can it be guaranteed to have a better forming effect. So do you know what are the characteristics of this heat treatment? Is the method of heat treatment selection the same?

Because there will be relatively large grain structures in the process of gravity casting of aluminum alloy, and it takes a long time to carry out solid solution treatment on these grain structures during casting, so that the finished products produced will be more ideal , and during heating treatment, it is necessary to choose a heating furnace and related instruments that are easier to control the temperature to monitor and adjust the temperature appropriately.

The heat treatment of aluminum alloy gravity die casting machine castings is not the same, because in the process of aluminum alloy casting, the chemical composition in the aluminum parts is different, so it is also necessary to select the appropriate method in combination with specific components when performing heat treatment. And the reinforcement will be different. During heat treatment, the heating temperature should be well controlled, and an appropriate heat treatment method should be selected at the same time.

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