How to reduce the possibility of crystallization when the gravity die casting machine produces castings?

PINO’s automated tilting gravity die casting machine can customize the equipment you want according to your gravity die casting parameters.

Leon Ling

Leon Ling

Global Marketing Manager for PINO Machinery

The gravity die casting machine is a machine often used in the foundry industry, because the castings produced by the gravity die casting machine have good performance, and the castings are widely used, and can produce castings in many fields such as automobiles, motors, and hardware. However, aluminum castings sometimes crystallize during the production process. Do you know how to reduce the possibility of crystallization?

When the gravity die casting machine produces cast aluminum parts, it is necessary to pay attention to heating to above 500 degrees to remove most of the crystals easily. During the casting process, the casting time should be shortened as much as possible, so as to effectively reduce the gas volume of the aluminum alloy, but also Note that the melting temperature of casting products should not be too high.

Because the higher the temperature is, the air absorption capacity of the aluminum alloy will increase, so under normal circumstances the temperature will not exceed 800 degrees. During the melting process, there must be a temperature measuring device to control it. It must be effective during use. Control the time of deterioration, etc.

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