Power Frequency Continuous Electric melting furnace

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PN3A22-PL-130KW Power Frequency Continuous


Technical parameters

  1. Controlled by a PLC control unit.
  2. Operation mode: Manual and automatic
  3. Working mode: keep warm at night and work in day.
  4. Open furnace mode: open new furnace, working melting, old furnace open mold
  5. Water cooling circulation loses supply, it have alarm and power outage function.
  6. Electric cabinet transformer overheating, it have alarm and power outage function.
  7. Touch screen show faults alarming
  8. Pump power: 130KW
  9. Voltage:380V
  10. Fusion ability:300KG/H
  11. Capacity:1500kg
  12. Range of regulation: 90~380V
  13. Max Fuse temperature :1250 degree
  14. Frequency:50HZ
  15. Keep warm automatically (monitor constantly), melting and keep warm chamber control independently.
  16. Three colors alarming light
  17. Cooling way: water cooling
  18. Electric cabinet: 3600*800*2100mm
  19. Furnace body: 2210*1180*1550mm

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