sand core machine

PN1A02S is a sand core machine developed by PINO brand. PN1A02S sand core machine can be used to cast various casting products. PN1A02S is a product in the PINOsand core machine series, which adopts advanced technology and design, which can realize efficient sand core forming, and also has many advantages.

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The PN1A02S is a PINO brand sand core machine. It employs modern technology and design to achieve high-efficiency sand core formation while providing several benefits.


The PN1A02S sand core machine may be used to cast a variety of casting products to fulfill the demands of clients. It is appropriate for a wide range of casting materials, including cast iron, steel, and aluminum. At the same time, it can make cores of various sizes and forms for the production of complex-shaped castings.


The PN1A02S, as the newest generation sand core machine, is equipped with a highly useful core box automated cleaning feature, which can significantly increase production efficiency and minimize staff labor intensity. This feature allows for automated cleaning of the core box, eliminating waste and hygiene issues during the cleaning procedure.

PINO brand sand core machine

PN1A02S is a product developed and produced by PINO brand. PINO has been focusing on gravity die casting for nearly 40 years. As a company specializing in casting equipment and technology research and development, we have rich experience and advanced technology. As a product in the PINO sand core machine series, PN1A02S has inherited the consistent high quality and reliability of the PINO brand, and has won the trust and praise of customers. PINO’s sand core machines have various advantages and features to meet the different needs of customers. If you need high-quality and reliable sand core machine products, PN1A02S is your best choice.


PN1A02S Sand Core Technical Parameters:
  1. Device: Controlled by PLC
  2. Running :Air pressure transmission
  3. Operation:Manual, semi-automatic, full automatic
  4. Power:Heating power can be selected. six pieces of heating pipes*1200W each side
  5. Abel to select dry status cores or wet status cores in a multi cavity core box
  6. Heated by electric elements:automatic  constant temperature
  7. Automatic core box cleaning
  8. Mold engage stroke:300mm。
  9. Ejection stroke:30mm(moveable mold mechanical and static mold pulled by tank)
  10. Core-pulling function:standard stroke 150mm,adjustable。
  11. Max focus distance of shooting sand’ hole :320mm
  12. Safeguard doors at the front &behind of the machine
  13. Floodlight inside the machine
  14. Operational tension of air pressure:0.5~0.7mpa。
  15. One cycle total time:30~60 seconds
  16. The max weight of the core:4000g 。
  17. Dimension:3130×1145×2070mm。
  18. Have CE certification


sand core machine
sand core machine

sand core

The PN1A02S core blowing machine also includes the following features and benefits:
  • High degree of automation: To achieve completely automatic operation, the PN1A02S sand core machine employs a sophisticated control system and automation technology. The equipment is outfitted with a computer control system, electrical components, pneumatic components, and so on, allowing it to execute different processes automatically, considerably improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity.
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection: The PN1A02S sand core machine employs energy conservation and environmental protection technologies, which successfully minimize energy consumption and pollution. The equipment uses an innovative energy-saving control system and a high-efficiency heat exchanger to achieve low energy consumption and high-efficiency output while lowering energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Convenient operation: The PN1A02S sand core machine is very easy to use and can be set and modified fast and precisely using the computer control system. At the same time, the equipment is outfitted with an intelligent alarm system that can identify and remove errors in real time to assure smooth production.
  • High-quality parts: To ensure the equipment’s stability and dependability, the PN1A02S core blowing machine uses high-quality parts such as electrical components, pneumatic components, transmission components, and so on. At the same time, the equipment is outfitted with a high-quality hydraulic system that allows for high-precision operation and control.

To summarize, the PN1A02S is a high-performance automated core blowing machine with a wide range of capabilities. PN1A02S offers exceptional performance and is a high-quality choice for the foundry sector in terms of production efficiency, clean core box, easy operation, energy savings, and environmental protection, among other things.

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