aluminum gravity die casting machine

PN2B650-65 Aluminum gravity die casting machine is a kind of machine equipment used to produce high quality aluminum parts. It uses gravity to inject molten aluminum into molds, creating intricate shapes and details. Compared with other casting methods, gravity die casting has many advantages, such as excellent surface finish, dimensional accuracy and material uniformity.

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This gravity die-casting machine model PN2B650-65 is mainly used in the die-casting of aluminum parts. It can support three mold inclination angles: inclined mobile casting, fixed inclined casting, and horizontal casting. The inclined mobile casting and fixed inclined casting can provide more designs. degrees of freedom, but may be more complex in operation and process control. Horizontal casting is more suitable for some specific part shapes and requirements. You can choose the most suitable casting method according to the parts you want to die-cast to achieve the design and quality requirements of the parts.

We use Mitsubishi’s PLC for the machine, which is easy to operate, can input your country’s language, and the system runs smoothly. Of course, we often use Siemens or other PLC control systems according to the customer’s choice. For specific machine parameters, we can see the parameter table below.


aluminum gravity die casting machine


PN2B650-65  Teical Parameterschn:

1. Controlled : Controlled by a PLC control unit. (Mitsubishi)
2. Running: Hydraulic transmission & water cooling system (A hydraulic master cylinder system can control three casting machine)
3. Casting function:  tilting moving casting, fixed tilting casting, horizontal casting
4. Size angle: 0-75℃(Casting speed & angle are adjustable.)
5. Cooling time : The time of cooling is adjustable
6. The size of die holder of fixed mold: 700*300*70mm
7. Max weight of mold: 200kg
8. footboard : (the set to protect the operator)
9. Pump power:  7.5KW
10. Maximum of opening stroke distance: 400mm
11. Fixed plate spacing on both sides of the mold: 550mm
12. The pressure of engaging mold: 4200kg
13. Fuel tank capacity: 250L
14. The pressure of working oil: 40-50kg/cm2
15. Solid time: Solid time is adjustable
16. casting time : The time of casting can be shown
17. The net weight of machine: 2500kg
18. Machine dimension: 2500mm*1500mm*1700mm


Why this equipment is suitable for gravity die casting of aluminum material

Due to the different melting point and thermal conductivity of aluminum, the process parameters and control of gravity die-casting aluminum material are just suitable for PN2B650-65 machine. In terms of injection speed, pressure control and other parameters, it will also be more suitable for aluminum materials. The clamping pressure of the equipment is 4200KG, and the size of the fixed mold base: 700*300*70mm, will be more suitable for aluminum materials.
When choosing the equipment you need, you can send us the drawings of the product, and we will recommend suitable equipment and process parameters to you according to the requirements of aluminum die castings and process needs.


Reasons for choosing PINO:


  1. PINO’s gravity casting machine has a history of more than 40 years. There will be no minor problems in the operation of our equipment, and the overall operation is very smooth.
  2. We have rich experience in gravity die casting, we can give you reasonable and professional gravity casting suggestions, so that you can achieve maximum efficiency and minimum cost in gravity casting production.
  3. Our machines are equipped with advanced automation and PLC control system, which can improve production efficiency and quality stability.
  4. We export to dozens of countries around the world, and we have local service providers in many countries. We adopt a long-term cooperation strategy for our customers, and we still provide services for more than ten years of equipment.

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